Saturday, December 02, 2017

2018 All-Star Game Voting is Open

The All-Star Game 3-on-3 tournament is a mini-game this year and I have documented how that looks in seasons past, like last year, which you can see right here.  The NHL has opened the voting proceedings, which we can all take part of and now there is a reason for you to do so!  You can vote for your top players to be captains of the divisional teams, if you so choose and then keep your fingers crossed that you get a player, two or three on rosters, when the coaching staffs fill out their picks.

Out of the last two All-Star Game tournaments, only one player wasn't taken in the pool and that was for obvious reasons... defenseman John Scott.  Of course, he went on to be the tournament's MVP, with the Pacific Division winning it all in an unlikely fashion.  With all that being said, I fully expect the pool to fill out the All-Star Game rosters, as we're still a month away to the next Waiver Draft and I don't think there are any potential All-Stars left on the list.

Okay... I think I deviated a bit on this post!  Go vote for your players to be captains... start a social media campaign for your guys... do something!  It'll be fun.  Click here to get to the voting webpage.

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