Monday, December 18, 2017

Afternoon Player Notes in the Draft (Dec 18)

The Montreal Canadiens are not in great shape, health-wise, sending Shea Weber home from Vancouver, due to a foot injury that just isn't healing.  Weber has been dealing with a lower-body injury for the better part of the season and his ice-time numbers have reflected that, as well as the time missed already this year.  It sounds like Weber is going to miss this next stretch of games, ahead of the Christmas break, starting with missing Tuesday night's game against the Canucks.

Weber has 16 points in 26 games this season with the Canadiens, which hasn't been great for Neil's pool team, especially since he was a 4th round draft pick this year, among the defenseman rush.  Now Neil's 20th placed team and his 21st placed defense is in pretty rough shape moving forward.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are in Colorado tonight, taking on the Avalanche, and they have also sent a player home, due to an injury, to get some treatment and further assessment of their injury.  In this case, it is forward Patric Hornqvist, who has an upper-body injury.  There's no immediate word on the severity of the injury, so he will be day-to-day until the Penguins say otherwise.

Hornqvist has been pretty good for Mike's team this year, picking up 21 points in 31 games, but he was also making up for one-fifth of Mike's forwards points, so he will be missed, when he's away.  Just for how long is the question?

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