Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Dec 20)

Dammit!  I missed another goalie announcement post yesterday and there was some key starts for the goalie survivor pool yesterday too.

Well, I can tell you that both Jeremy and Grant each earned their necessary win to move on to Week Thirteen, while Wilton is still in search of his win.  Unfortunately, there are only three games on the schedule for Wednesday night and Wilton doesn't have any stock in them at all, so we'll cover all three games, since I have the time to do so.  Will that make up for yesterday's miss?

Curtis McElhinney (N/A) versus Joonas Korpisalo (N/A)
Oh, bother! No one gets any points from this game... well, not from the crease, at least.  Why am I even featuring this game on the post?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The Maple Leafs played yesterday and the Blue Jackets will play again tomorrow, so that would explain the battle of the backups tonight.

Jimmy Howard (Dale C.) versus Brian Elliott (Stacey C.)
The Red Wings are on the second half of back-to-back nights, heading into Philadelphia to take on the Flyers and it should be a pretty good game.  The Wings will ride a win last night with their usual number one goalie, Jimmy Howard, while the Flyers will counter with their number one, Brian Elliott.

Dale and Stacey are the 8th and 16th teams in the standings, respectively, separated by 19 points at the start of play tonight.  Dale still has his eyes on the money, 17 points back of 3rd place, and a win in Philly would go a long ways to help accomplish that goal.

Carter Hutton (Benson) versus Mike Smith (Ryan)
The St. Louis Blues open back-to-back nights in Alberta with a clash against the Calgary Flames on Wednesday night, which should make for a spirited affair.   The Blues are taking the Flames lightly, by the look of things, throwing their backup at this game, as Carter Hutton gets the nod, while the Flames are going with their top dog for the top team in the Central, Mike Smith.

Benson is getting a rare start from his guy in St. Louis, but it comes at a great time, as his team has moved back into the money, while Ryan's team, lags well behind in 21st spot, 59 points back.  This game won't change too much in the overall picture, but ican all start from here, indeed.

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