Friday, December 15, 2017

NHL100 Classic Preview

The outdoor game season is now upon us!

The celebration of the NHL's first game, 100 years (and a few days) later, between Montreal and Ottawa should be something to behold.  I would imagine that the pregame celebrations, ahead of the game, which will be one of the early games for Hockey Night in Canada, should be very good.  The game itself, probably could have a little bit more hype than it does, as both combatant teams are not exactly firing on all cylinders this season.

So, if this was a mini-game, this would a pretty good one to get it all started, as 13 teams in the hockey pool have active players preparing to play in this one, four of those teams having more than one player lining up as well.

Montreal Ottawa
Brenda & Seward Jeff Petry Erik Karlsson
Cam Paul Byron
Chris Thomas Chabot
Dale B. Mark Stone
Dale C. Brendan Gallagher Mike Hoffman
Carey Price
Derek B. Jonathan Drouin
Mike Philip Danault
Max Pacioretty
Neil Shea Weber Dion Phaneuf
Stacey C. Bobby Ryan
Stuart Alex Galchenyuk
Tony Craig Anderson
Troy Matt Duchene
Wes Derick Brassard

Last year, I liked the idea of the mini-game of the outdoor games and it did give a reason to watch them, other than the spectacle that the outdoor games are supposed to be (which they really aren't anymore).  Unfortunately, this is just going to be the motions this year, something I'll keep track of, just for the sake of, but it won't mean a whole lot.  One of these years, the outdoor games pool will hit again on the mini-games wheel and maybe you can use some of this as research.

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