Sunday, March 10, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Mar 10)

Sunday fun day!  We close out another week with five games on the schedule and I think we've only got one more race to really figure out, barring a minor miracle somewhere.

It looks like Neil has the Mover & Shaker all wrapped up with a 7-point lead over a few teams, his team has been firing on all cylinders this week, including another win from the Coyotes last night.  He still has a handful of projected games, so he should be able to defend that lead well.

Brian's team made a big push on Saturday and his team was able to get within a win of Jeremy's side, now measured at a 13-11 difference, heading into these games.  Derek B. is only at 14 points and has far less projected games too, so that's certainly an element to this race that we need to explore.

Will the goalies play a factor today?

Jimmy Howard (Tony) versus Sam Montembeault (N/A)
We know the Panthers are going back to their fresh-faced rookie goalie for another game, against a lesser opponent in the Red Wings, trying to give him a good look and some confidence.  Who knows?  He might get a good stretch with the team before having to go back down, so the vets can get their time.  The Red Wings played Bernier last night, so I expect Jimmy Howard tonight, but that hasn't been confirmed.  It does feel like a pretty good bet for Tony's team, which still sits in 6th at the start of play today.

Connor Hellebuyck (Jeremy) versus Pheonix Copley (Brian)
The comeback from a hellish week starts in Washington for Brian, as he was confirmed to have his last acquisition, Pheonix Copley of the Capitals, tapped to start versus to the Jets this evening for Rogers Hometown Hockey on Sportsnet tonight.  The Capitals have been running hot lately, winners of their last six, so why not give the kid a spin?  After the morning optional skate, we did get word that it should be Connor Hellebuyck tonight for the Jets, meaning that this will be a swing game in the basement, Jeremy's team looking to keep Brian's down, while Brian looks to even it up.  The Newsletter might be a bit spicy tomorrow morning.

Jaroslav Halak (Stacey M.) versus Casey DeSmith (Benson)
Both the Bruins and the Penguins are on the second half of back-to-backs tonight in Pittsburgh and we already know that Stacey M. will get a start from the Bruins, with Jaroslav Halak getting the nod there.  They are on an unbelievable streak of 18 games without a regulation loss, which means the Penguins, fighting for their playoff lives, are really in tough.  After Saturday night, Stacey's team lost a little bit of ground on 1st place, so she hopes a win can shave off a point (or four) from that lead.  With the Penguins going last night and dropping a 4-1 decision, all signs are pointing to Casey DeSmith going, as they look to try and climb back into the top three in the Metro, but that has yet to be announced for sure.

Malcolm Subban (N/A) versus David Rittich (Ryan)
The Calgary Flames may get the benefit of the Vegas Golden Knights playing the night before in Vancouver, but they are not taking any chances, offering up their 1A goalie in David Rittich tonight, which also gives Ryan's team one more kick at the can for a couple of points.  Ryan's team opens play tonight in 10th, narrowly holding on by a tie-breaker to start.  The Golden Knights, on the other hand, foiled me again, with their selection to go with Marc-Andre Fleury against the Canucks, thinking it would be the perfect time to start Malcolm Subban, but now there's a good chance Fleury will go back-to-back, given the opponent, but I'll stay strong on Subban for now.  Obviously, they haven't confirmed at the time of hitting the publish button.

Jonathan Quick (Brenda & Seward) versus John Gibson (Kristy & Don)
The Kings got me too last night, opting to choose Jack Campbell over Jonathan Quick against the Arizona Coyotes, but that was a literal toss up, between the Coyotes and the Ducks.  They were playing both goalies this weekend, they have nothing left to lose, but it will be Jonathan Quick tonight, which should make this into a all-duo goalie match-up with John Gibson assumed to go on the other side.  It's a tale of two duos this season, as Kristy & Don may have tailed off a bit in the race for the money this week, but at least they're in it.  Brenda & Seward are still trying to escape the grasp of the bottom-third, but it's looking like a near-impossible feat now.

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