Saturday, March 30, 2019

Morning Player Notes (Mar 30)

Anaheim Ducks defenseman Josh Manson wasn't in the lineup for their game on Friday night against the Calgary Flames and there hasn't been a whole lot of indication as to why.  It does look as though it is a healthy scratch he was down for and a -2 rating against the Canucks in their game previous is a reasonable indicator that it could be the case and since there was no mention of any injury, a healthy scratch is the likely scenario.  The Ducks could have used him in that 6-1 thrashing they took from the Flames, but they're out of the playoff picture, so there's no real skin off their bill.

The absence was a lost skater game to Chelsea's team this week and her team has been relatively healthy, compared to some others.   Chelsea's team ranks 13th in the pool in skater games played, but the production just hasn't been there.  Her defense ranks 20th in the pool in scoring, where Manson vacated last night,

The St. Louis Blues sent Michael Del Zotto back to the press box as a healthy scratch on Friday night as well, as he was having a pretty decent stretch of games with the team and even putting up a few points here and there.  The Blues did manage to clinch their playoff spot on Friday night, despite losing to the Rangers, so Del Zotto should come in handy as some extra defensive depth in the playoffs, but he's only slightly useful as we run down the rest of the regular season now.

John P. just didn't get much of anything out of Del Zotto this year, but his hands were tied at the Waiver Drafts, so there wasn't a whole lot he could do.  John collected 10 points out of 42 games from the blueliner this season, which just isn't anywhere near good enough.

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