Saturday, March 30, 2019

Recent Contract Extensions (Mar 30)

The Arizona Coyotes were certainly happy with the early returns from forward Nick Schmaltz after they acquired him from the Chicago Blackhawks this season, as he posted 14 points in 17 games after the trade and helped give the team a bit of a boost in-season and they were in the hunt for a playoff spot into February and March.  Unfortunately, Schmaltz hasn't seen any action since the end of December, due to injury, but there was certainly a lift of spirits when he arrived.

On Saturday morning, the club announced that they signed the 23-year old forward to a new 7-year extension, reportedly worth $40.95 million, which works out to be a $5.85 million cap hit per season.  If he can continue to post the same scoring rate as he did before his injury, this could work out to be a very good deal.

We'll have a lot more on the Coyotes cap situation when the season concludes and we get into the Pool Outlook posts, but I don't think they have much to worry about at the moment.

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