Thursday, March 14, 2019

Sens Lose Chabot to Broken Toe

The dark side of the shot-blocking initiative... injuries!

The Ottawa Senators announced that star defenseman Thomas Chabot will be out of the lineup on a week-to-week basis with a broken toe after blocking a shot in the game on Monday night against the Flyers and his return before the end of the regular season is now in doubt.

The Senators were the first team to be eliminated from playoff contention this season, so it will only be a matter of pride and possibly some career numbers, which will be the factor that drives him back to the lineup before the end of the year, so we'll see if that's the case. 

Ottawa is already suffering offensively, thanks to their fire sale at the trade deadline, but then taking out the driver of whatever is left this offense, Chabot, really stings moving forward.  The 22-year old has really made a name for himself this season, posting 13 goals and 49 points in 62 games this season, which currently ranks him 9th among defensemen in pool scoring this season.  Unfortunately, he's likely to be unseated from that spot before the end of the year, if he doesn't make another appearance.

This is of an even greater concern for Kristy & Don, who have seen their team inch within 2 points of 3rd place again after Wednesday night's action and they have now lost their best defenseman for the stretch run (give or take a couple of games).  This loss will certainly add up and if they want to get into the money, they probably would have needed him to do so.  We shall see if that's truly the case, I suppose.

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