Monday, March 04, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Mar 4)

Welcome to the brand new week, Week Twenty-Three.

This is the least busiest week of the remaining five, with only 48 games on the schedule, but as we draw closer and closer to the end of the season, the value of these games increase.  If last week was any indication, teams are trying not to give games away and they find their way to the shootouts, which is good for one mini-game, at least.

Only two games on the docket tonight and they both feature an Alberta team, but only one of them are featuring in the playoff runs.  Of course, the other could too, if they happened to get their act together.

Mikko Koskinen (Tony) versus Linus Ullmark (Steve)
Tony, our reigning Mover & Shaker, gets an early start this week, as Mikko Koskinen gets the nod for his 11th straight game for the Oilers, playing as their true number one these days.  Steve, our reigning Basement Dweller, also gets a nod tonight, trying to avoid earning the honour in back-to-back weeks.  Linus Ullmark gets the call for the Sabres, playing host tonight and they are also on the outside looking in on the playoffs and their hopes are dwindling fast.  A win for either team is just going to delay the inevitable early summer talk.

Frederik Andersen (Wilton) versus David Rittich (Ryan)
There were a lot of years where a Toronto/Calgary match-up in March would be pretty ho-hum on the schedule, but not this season.  Toronto sits 3rd in the Atlantic, while the Flames still hold the lead in the Pacific and it would be a dream come true for those fans who want the Cup to reside with a Canadian club, if these two would meet in the Finals.  It's not out of the question right now, but it's still a little too far away to think about.  What we can think about is Wilton's goalie taking on Ryan's goalie, as their two pool teams are 12 points away from each other, Wilton's team holding the 543-531 advantage, heading into the week.

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