Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Morning Player Notes (Mar 19)

The San Jose Sharks were without their captain last night against the Golden Knights, as Joe Pavelski has been sidelined with a lower-body injury and as much as it will be labeled as a day-to-day injury, the coaching staff couldn't necessarily put their finger on a return date, nor could they confirm it was a short-term issue.  It sounds like Pavelski will be missing some time here down the stretch, as the Sharks vie for a division title, which isn't good news, especially after the 7-3 loss last night.

Chalk up another injury situation for Clayton's team, which did manage to post some points on Monday night, as his team continues to wade in some choppy waters.  His team climbed up to 16th last night, but also has the least amount of projected games in the pool this week and it gets worse with the loss of Pavelski.

The Vancouver Canucks are continuing to rotate some bodies in and out of their lineup, as they try and take stock on what they have, not to mention make up for injuries here and there.  On Monday night in Chicago, Nikolay Goldobin was out of the lineup once again as a healthy scratch, as I believe he was also out of the lineup for Sunday's game against the Stars as well.  The coaching staff has had their issues with Goldobin's play and a lack of consistency has really hurt his game, hence the healthy scratches.

For Scott's team, he was hoping for more of a home run out of Goldobin, as he was playing on the Canucks' top line at the Week Nine Waiver Draft, but fell in to a tough spot and has found himself in an out of the lineup more often than Scott would have preferred, I'm sure.  Bad luck has just been the story for Scott's season, undoubtedly.

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