Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Mar 6)

Last night, there were three shootouts out of 10 games on the schedule, so this is really becoming a thing, finally!  The pool only collected 5 goals, but hey, that mini-game is really heating up.  I wonder how I can incorporate that into this goalie post.

Only four games on the schedule for Wednesday night, as the pool has switched gears into now chasing Stacey M. for the Mover & Shaker this week, after her team had a big night on Tuesday and now leads the weekly scoring with 14 points.  Her team wants to really cut down on that lead that Stuart has and it's doing it.

Brian's team, on the other hand, isn't having the same kind of success at all, suffering without a point this week and it isn't for a lack of trying, nine skater games this week, but no goalie appearances yet, have his team reeling this week.  Fortunately, Troy and Steve are only at 1 point, so getting out of the basement is only a snap away.

Braden Holtby (Stacey C.) versus Brian Elliott (Troy)
The Philadelphia Flyers are on an improbable run to try and get to the playoffs, starting the night 7 points back of both Pittsburgh and Montreal in the wild card spots in the Eastern Conference and they have the uphill battle of taking on the Washington Capitals in tonight's early game.  Brian Elliott has been sharp for the Flyers, which has been great for Troy of late, especially since he needs these points to avoid the basement.  Braden Holtby will be at the other end of the ice, who is on Stacey C.'s team, which starts the night at 6 points this week and only 10 points behind Troy's team as well.  There's probably some bragging rights in there somewhere, I'm sure.

Frederik Andersen (Wilton) versus Jacob Markstrom (Chelsea)
The Toronto Maple Leafs continue their western road swing in Vancouver tonight and the goaltending match-up is all set with the number ones getting the nod for both sides.  Wilton gets a big start here, chasing down the Mover & Shaker, starting 6 points back of Stacey's team, while Chelsea isn't having a bad start to the week, with 6 points, 8 points back of the lead.  Wins will be clutch for either side.

Jordan Binnington (N/A) versus John Gibson (Kristy & Don)
The Anaheim Ducks didn't start John Gibson last night in Arizona, so there's a pretty fine chance that he'll be going for them tonight, when the Blues come for a visit.  At the time of the post, it wasn't confirmed, but it was very likely to be the case.  The Blues, on the other hand, will give Jordan Binnington another run, as he scoffs at the hockey pool, sinking points into the abyss.

David Rittich (Ryan) versus Marc-Andre Fleury (Troy)
The Flames are going back to the well with David Rittich tonight, despite the drubbing he took against Toronto on Monday, as they try and get his confidence back in a big division game against the Golden Knights tonight.  Good news for Ryan, I suppose, who currently has 6 points this week and is looking to keep his top 10 spot in the standings.  Troy gets his second start of the night out of Marc-Andre Fleury, still the top goalie in the hockey pool this season.  The Golden Knights currently hold the 3rd spot in the Pacific and are looking to cement their playoff footing.

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