Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Goalie Announcements (Mar 27)

There are only four games on the docket for the NHL on this fine Wednesday and surprisingly, all four games had their goalies confirmed by the lunch hour today.  How fortunate for us.

Both Neil and Stacey C. are watching their teams torch the points column, both of them are up with 16 points through the first couple of nights and they currently sit 7th and 8th in the standings, respectively.  Tony's team is still running pretty hot, up at 15 points, trying to chase down the money teams before time runs out.

Wes' team continues to free fall of late, posting only a single point in the first two nights of the week and his team has also dropped four places since Sunday night, going from 8th to 12th and could drop even further, if his team can't find the gas pedal.

Frederik Andersen (Wilton) versus Carter Hart (Jeremy)
The Toronto Maple Leafs are only a couple of wins away from clinching their berth in the playoffs and they get the floundering Flyers, who are 4-6-0 in their last 10 games and their playoff hopes have all but faded away.  There's talk that Frederik Andersen is going to get some rest in the next week and a half, but it doesn't start tonight, as he does on the road.  Wilton and Jeremy each get starts for the pool, Wilton trying to stay in the top 10, while Jeremy's team is riding out the year in 19th.

Henrik Lundqvist (Scott) versus Jaroslav Halak (Stacey M.)
Two NHL teams at opposite ends of the scale, as well as two pool teams equally apart in the standings.  It should come as no surprise as the goalie for the better team belongs to the better team in the pool.  The Rangers are well out of the playoffs and Scott's team sits in 24th in the standings, but he gets a start from Henrik Lundqvist, while the Bruins have already clinched their spot and Stacey M. has a 13-point gap below her team and 3rd place, both of which are getting a start from Jaroslav Halak tonight.

Ben Bishop (Clayton) versus David Rittich (Ryan)
The Dallas Stars are in Calgary to take on the Flames, in what has the potential to be an opening round match-up in the playoffs.  If that is indeed the case, then they'll get a good look at the potential goaltending match-up for that series, as Ben Bishop and David Rittich have been tapped for tonight's game.  In the pool, Clayton's team trails Ryan's team by 10 points and two spots in the standings, 13th and 15th place teams seeing their goalies go head-to-head.  Not much to see here, really.

Malcolm Subban (N/A) versus Philipp Grubauer (Jesse)
The only game of the four with any playoff clinching scenarios attached to it is the late game in Colorado, where the Golden Knights will visit the Avalanche.  Vegas can clinch with at least a point, while the St. Louis Blues could also clinch, if the Avalanche lose in regulation.  So, it will be up Philipp Grubauer to play spoiler for both parties tonight, as he gets another start from the Avalanche and is the only pool goalie in this game.  Jesse's team opens up play tonight only 9 points back of 4th and 13 points back of 3rd... but only 1 point up on Tony.

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