Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Caps Re-Sign Gordon

The Washington Capitals re-signed Boyd Gordon to a new 1-year deal worth $800,000 on Tuesday, giving him one more shot at a healthy season before going to unrestricted free agency. Gordon was hampered by what looked to be a nagging back injury, which is not a great injury to have recurring, and that caused him to miss 41 games in 2010 and will actually brand him with the "injury prone" tag going into the 2011 season.  He is a very useful defensive player, but the Capitals, much like most teams in the league, want consistency, including the player's health.

In 36 games with the Capitals, Gordon only managed 10 points, keeping him a ways down in the rankings.  He did sign a one-way deal, so that should give him an edge at cracking the squad on a full-time basis, but I am going to wait and see about his health at training camp before I give him a spot on the Capitals' team roster and work him against their cap hit.

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