Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Thrashers Sign Boulton

In the spirit of re-signing tough guys, which there has been a fair number of, the Thrashers inked Eric Boulton to a new 1-year contract worth $650,000 on Tuesday.  Boulton eclipsed the 100-minute mark in penalties in 2010, picking up 113 in 62 games for the  Thrashers, also picking up 8 points in the process as well.  He is a pretty formidable force on the ice and a good pick up for your fantasy team if minutes count.  He did top out 178 minutes in 2003 and 176 minutes in 2009, so you know he's good for it.

He'll definitely be a fixture on the Thrashers team in 2011, but will also get his share of healthy scratches during the season, as he isn't used in every situation.

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