Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lapierre Re-Signs in Montreal

It appears that the Montreal Canadiens have re-signed gritty forward Max Lapierre to a new 1-year deal, which will see him get $900,000 in the deal. Lapierre is more of a 3rd/4th line player with the Canadiens, picking up only 14 points in 76 games with the club in 2010, not exactly making him a good fantasy player. Lapierre ranked 319th among forwards in the league and looking at the depth of the team thus far, it doesn't look like that will change too much any time soon.

Salary CapThe Canadiens only have a few gaps still to fill for the 2011 season, including two forwards and their starting goalie, Carey Price, and they will only have about $6 million to do that with. We should be expecting Price to top out at $4 million (at the very most) with his new deal, leaving a $1 million each for the other two forwards. If the Habs decide to go forward with some of their young forwards, they should be just fine going into the new season.

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