Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hurricanes Down to 26

The Hurricanes are only a few cuts away from having their opening night roster set and there are a good number of kids remaining on their roster.

Looking at their roster below, they look to be only a goalie, defenseman and forward away from a set 23-man roster, so I would have to think the last few jobs are going to be hotly contested for.  If I was going to offer up guesses towards the cuts, I would have guess that Pogge, Sanguinetti and Dalpe would be the easier cuts, likely not having much trouble going down to the minors, if demoted.

It should also be taken into consideration, Sergei Samsonov's injury, which hasn't been fully disclosed yet and it may keep him out of the opening night roster, saving a cut for the time being.

Nevertheless, I think this is a pretty decent looking squad, if everyone can perform their roles accordingly.

Eric StaalJoni PitkanenCam Ward
Jussi JokinenTim GleasonJustin Peters
Brandon SutterJoe CorvoJustin Pogge
Tuomo RuutuBrett Carson
Sergei SamsonovAnton Babchuk
Chad LaroseJamie McBain
Tom KostopoulosBobby Sanguinetti
Erik ColeJay Harrison
Patrick Dwyer
Zach Boychuk
Jiri Tlusty
Drayson Bowman
Zac Dalpe
Jeff Skinner

Salary CapNo salary cap concerns here at the moment. Even with a 29-man roster above, the Hurricanes and two buyouts would only come up to an annual cap hit of $53.6 million, far short of the cap ceiling.  If the team is going to be spending to a franchise-imposed ceiling, the cuts may be dependent on that number as well.  How the team is shaping up thus far, the final cuts look like they will be good enough.

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