Sunday, September 29, 2013

Capitals Cut Orlov

The Washington Capitals have made their final cuts to their roster and one player of note was among those sent down on Sunday morning, defenseman Dimitri Orlov.

It appears that Orlov, who has 65 NHL games of experience over the last two seasons, lost his spot to rookie Connor Carrick, who had an impressive camp, including some good preseason games.  Orlov will likely be the earliest call-up from Hershey of the AHL, which could just as easily be after Carrick's 9-game tryout as a young player.

ImplicationsOrlov was poised to be the sleeper blueline pick for Chris in the draft, who took him with his last pick in the 14th round, 320th overall.  The demotion will put a dent on Chris' blueline picks, which were saved to the end of the draft and may not be the most dynamic in the pool.  More fingers will be crossed and hope will be spent on the forwards and goalies, to make up for this loss.

Orlov is not eligible for the preseason waiver process, due to being sent down to the minors.

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