Saturday, September 28, 2013

Preseason Waiver Action in the Draft (Sep 28)

Since the draft was so far in advance of the regular season starting, I did allow the teams to make changes to their roster, in a waiver format, to make sure they have a healthy line-up, come Tuesday, October 1st.  The rules are (since they are still in effect), the player that you are dropping has to be injured and the player that you are replacing with is of the same position (forward, defenseman or goalie).

On Friday, we saw the first waiver claim of the preseason for the draft, as Kristy and Don made the first move, dropping Viktor Stalberg of the Nashville Predators and picking up Carl Hagelin of the New York Rangers to take his place.  When the claim was made on Friday, it had to remain active until Noon on Saturday, just in case someone else wanted him on the same day.  No other claim was made, so Hagelin became property of the draft's duo.

Stalberg has been listed as out 3-to-4 weeks with a strained muscle in his shoulder and would miss a good portion of the first third of the season, before the first waiver draft of the regular season.  Stalberg was the duo's final pick in the 14th round and was projected for 40 points, according to my list and has now been replaced by a player that is projected to pick up 35 points.

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