Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vokoun Sidelined With Blood Clot

On Saturday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins announced that back-up goaltender Tomas Vokoun will now be sidelined indefinitely after having a blood clot in his pelvis found. Vokoun reportedly went to check on some swelling in his thigh when the clot was found and has since undergone a procedure to have it dissolved.

There was no immediate timetable released for Vokoun's return, but he will be listed as 'out indefinitely' for the time being.

ImplicationsVokoun was taken 160th overall, in the 7th round, by Derek Wilton and does qualify to be dropped in the preseason waiver period, if Derek wishes.  Vokoun is his second goalie, behind Craig Anderson and as a 7th round pick, there is still some value there that Derek may want to capture with a waiver selection.

The top goalie available is Peter Budaj of the Canadiens.

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