Monday, March 02, 2015

Giordano Done With Torn Bicep

It was a matter of the team's worst fears, that the Calgary Flames will be without captain and All-Star defenseman Mark Giordano for the remainder of the season and the playoffs (should they make it in), due to a torn tendon in his bicep.  Giordano is expected to undergo surgery later on this week and the recovery time is in the way of 4-to-5 months.

The news finally came down after the trade deadline had passed, as the management team of the Flames didn't want to show all of their cards, thinking it would impact the prices they would see for acquiring certain talent, but they really didn't make any significant moves to buy on Monday, so it was somewhat of a moot point.

That isn't to say the Flames were not active over the weekend, they did manage to pick up defenseman David Schlemko off of waivers from the Arizona Coyotes.

Now that the second Waiver Draft has already passed, it looks like Mike is now stuck with the 48 points in 61 games played that Giordano has already collected, there won't be any drops at this point for him.

Unfortunately for Mike, this may mean he sticks in and around the 20th position in the pool, give or take a spot or two.  Mike's team has a 26-point buffer from the 21st spot, but the injuries stacking up against him means he won't have as many games to keep that buffer alive.  Nevertheless, his team won't be making any drastic moves up the table.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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