Monday, March 02, 2015

Stewart Goes Wild

2015 Season Cap Hit
To Minnesota POS GP G A P 2015 2016
Chris Stewart F 61 11 14 25 $4.15 mil UFA
To Buffalo POS GP G A P 2015 2016
2017 2nd Round Draft Pick

If you can call it the Chris Stewart sweepstakes, then the Minnesota Wild were the eventual winners, offering up their 2017 2nd round draft pick, in order to get the big forward, likely the highest bid in the closing moments of the trade deadline.

The Wild should enjoy a bigger frame in their lineup, even though I probably wouldn't have considered them all that small to begin with, but you can't argue with more net presence, especially when you have some reasonable defensemen throwing pucks at the net.

It may not be the highest profile location, in terms of scoring at will, but Minnesota has been better than Buffalo this season and Stuart, who picked up Stewart at the Week Eighteen Waiver Draft, may be the benefactor of a few more points, but it will matter on where he plays and who he plays with.

Stuart has a couple of minor irons in the fire still this season, as his team is 2nd in the third segment standings, already 14 points behind Brian for the top honour.  He also is involved in a side bet with Clayton, where his selection of Stewart would go up against Erik Cole, now of the Red Wings, a Stacey C. Waiver Draft pick, in a head-to-head scoring match.  Cole leads by 4 and might have the better opportunity for more points.

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