Monday, March 23, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 23)

The Montreal Canadiens are citing injury for the reason why defenseman Tom Gilbert wasn't at practice on Monday morning. The well-traveled defender's status for Tuesday night's game in Nashville is now doubtful, as he is not expected to travel with the team to Tennessee this afternoon, ahead of the game against the Predators.  This injury could allow for Sergei Gonchar to figure back into the lineup again, but the team is also carrying Nathan Beaulieu on their active roster as well, so it will be a bit of a crap shoot.

If Gilbert does miss out on Tuesday's game, it would be another game missed for Tony, but the real watch would be for who fills in, as Gonchar, who belongs to Wes, hasn't seen much action lately, as his stock has seemingly dropped a lot in Montreal.

Three weeks to go in the NHL season... and it starts tonight!

Two races still left to talk about in this season, 3rd place money and the Olli bobblehead.  That's it.

Seven games in the league tonight and we'll have a look at the goaltending situation for the races, since we have time today to do so.

Wes goes into the week with an 11-point lead and starts the week off with both goalies resting.  Clayton, in 4th, also won't get any help from the crease tonight.  Race newcomer, Benson, 22 points back, could have both goalies playing, as Semyon Varlamov was confirmed for the Avalanche early on, playing against the Flames, while Kari Lehtonen is expected to take to the Dallas net, with the Sabres in town.  Scott, 23 points back, won't have any help tonight, but Brian, 26 points back, will have Devan Dubnyk making his 31st straight start for Minnesota.  29 points back, Dale C., will likely have Corey Crawford taking on the Hurricanes for the Blackhawks.

Down at the bottom of the standings, Allan should have Antti Niemi in the visitors net in Ottawa, as the Sharks take on the high-flying Senators.  Wyllie hasn't had much goaltending help in a long time and he won't have any tonight either.  Ryan, who is only 7 points out, also won't have any goaltending help tonight either.  A big night from Niemi in Ottawa, could shift the look of the bottom quickly.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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