Friday, March 13, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 13)

The 2015 season has not been a good one for Red Wings forward Stephen Weiss, as it has been mired with injuries and some lacklustre play throughout. As Detroit continues to push for the playoffs again this year, it appears that Weiss has been identified as a player that is better suited to handle the depth position in the press box, as other players have taken some initiative and moved up the depth chart. On Thursday night, Weiss was made into a healthy scratch for the second straight game and his participation for the last few weeks of the season is now questionable, at best.

Weiss was a Week Nine Waiver Draft pick-up for Benson this year and he has not seen very good results.  Since the activation, Weiss has participated in 32 games, scoring 3 goals and 9 points.  Benson has rallied without Weiss for the most part, as his team now sits in 11th, on the verge of the top 10.

Maybe the playoffs are not quite meant to be for the Winnipeg Jets, as they have another injury concern to work their way through now, as the newly-acquired Tyler Myers left Thursday night's game with an upper-body injury.  Myers fell awkwardly, hitting the post of his own net and then slid into the boards.  Myers tried to test out the injury, but shut it down early and he will be re-evaluated in the next day or two.  With the Jets already reeling through injuries, this will be a tough time for this squad.

Mike was seeing a bit of an upswing on his side for his team in recent weeks, but this injury could potentially end that pretty quickly.  Mike's team sits in 17th place, right in the middle of four teams, all separated by 3 points.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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