Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 21)

The New York Islanders have announced this morning that defenseman Nick Leddy is going to slot back into the lineup, as the team takes on the Devils in Jersey this evening. Leddy has been out for a couple weeks with an upper-body injury and the Islanders have suffered without him, losing their last four straight games, so they'll want this big boost to their lineup.

This is also a pretty good boost for Wes and his quest for 3rd place money, as the injury situation on his side gets a little bit better with this news. We'll touch more on the race in the goalie situation, but this is good news for him, as we start on a busy day.

A whopping 13 games going on Saturday afternoon/evening/night, so there is a lot to chew on here today. There are a few early games, so this post may not be 100% accurate, but thanks to, it will at least be fairly close to what we'll see tonight.

With busy nights like these, we'll have a closer look at the races of note and I think there will be plenty of action on that front tonight.

In the 3rd place race, Wes has opened up a bit bigger lead, as he now has 8 points up on Clayton and 24 points on 5th place, Cam and 25 points on Scott and Dale B., 6th and 7th.  Wes will likely have Carey Price starting against the Sharks in Montreal, while Mike Smith should be hosting the Penguins in the desert for the Coyotes.  Opposite of Smith should be Clayton's number one goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury, while his number two goalie, Brian Elliott is slated to get the start in the earliest game today, as the Blues visit the Wild.  Cam is seemingly unlikely to get a start today, one is injured and the other fell out of favour, so he'll be hooped.  Scott's goalies don't have a game to feature in on Saturday, as both teams played the night before and won't go again until Sunday.  Finally, Dale B., has one shot at a start tonight and it should be Tuukka Rask in net for the Bruins, as they go to Florida for a game against the Panthers.

The race for the Olli bobblehead has stretched out, yet again, as Wyllie holds the spot again and there is a 4-point gap between his team and Allan's, while Ryan is only 8 points away.  Wyllie is unlikely to pick up a start with his pair of goalies, Allan should see a pair of starts, as Antti Niemi should slot in against the Habs for the Sharks earlier and Steve Mason is likely to get the start for the Flyers in Edmonton.  Ryan is also not going to figure in a start on Saturday, as one of his goalies is still injured and the other doesn't have a projected game until Sunday.

The third segment race is still interesting, even if it is for a shitty little trophy.  Brian, who has seen his team tail off a bit of late, should have both of his goalies going again today, as Devan Dubnyk will man the net for the Wild, while Cam Talbot should be getting his last start with the Rangers for a while today.  Brian's lead in this race is only 2 points over Mike, who won't have a goalie going, one due to injury and the other as a back-up.  Benson is only 4 points back and he will definitely have Kari Lehtonen in the net for the Stars, as they take on the Blackhawks tonight, while his other goalie is already done for the week.  Stuart is 8 points back and Roberto Luongo should be trying to claw up some of that gap for the Panthers against the Bruins today.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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