Monday, March 02, 2015

Wisniewski Heads to Anaheim

2015 Season Cap Hit
To Anaheim POS GP G A P 2015 2016
James Wisniewski D 56 8 21 29 $5.5 mil 2 years/$5.5 mil
3rd Round Draft Pick
To Columbus POS GP G A P 2015 2016
William Karlsson F 18 2 1 3 $831k $831k
Rene Bourque F 43 2 8 10 $3.33 mil $3.33 mil
2nd Round Draft Pick

There was a fair bit of talk about the players involved in this deal, as the Columbus Blue Jackets were able to unload defenseman James Wisniewski on the Anaheim Ducks, who were able to give up a couple of players and a pick in return.  With the Ducks taking on a big cap hit, they had to offload one and that was likely the reason why Rene Bourque got moved again this year.

The Ducks get a pretty good puck moving defenseman, one that really didn't quite fit in with the Blue Jackets, but has some good potential to make his mark on a high-flying Ducks side.

In the pool, Scott gets to see a move on his team, as it really hasn't done well in the change department since the Waiver Draft.  Scott's team is 37 points out of the money, much too big of a gap for Wisniewski to close by himself, but again, something that could really help him down the line.

The Blue Jackets get a little bit more to re-tool with in this deal and neither player are in the pool today.

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