Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 24)

The Bruins announced today that defenseman Dougie Hamilton is on the shelf again with an undisclosed upper-body injury, believed to be a shoulder injury, and that he is out indefinitely.  Usually, this would mean his own post, but without a definite time frame, it is almost as good as being out day-to-day.  Hamilton has been good this season for the Bruins, leading all defenders in scoring on the team with 10 goals and 42 points in 72 games with the club.

Hamilton belongs to Grant S. in the draft this year, who is comfortably (28 points up) in 2nd place and should be coasting to a money win this year.  If you haven't noticed yet, the news page is now listing which box each player is slotted into for the Playoff Pool at the moment and Hamilton is in the top defeseman box at the moment for the Bruins, but given this injury, he may be moved down or out, before the sheet is finalized in the next week or so.

There seems to be something fishy with the situation of Christian Ehrhoff, as he may be able to go again. Looking at Saturday's game against the Coyotes, the main boxscore doesn't show him, however the playing roster shows him as being in the lineup, but he never had any time on the ice.  So, only one of the pages actually shows him being active, so we'll go with that... I guess that's all you need these days.  He has been moved as to being out day-to-day and we'll see if he goes tonight or not.

This proves to be better news for Brian, who is in need of more points and bodies in their respective active rosters.  Ehrhoff hasn't been very good this year, but he is better to be on the ice than on the shelf, so there's that.  Whether or not he plays, that's a different story altogether.

Eight games in the NHL on Tuesday night, not quite as busy as some Tuesdays, but still fairly busy anyways. Let's see how the races are shaping up for the night.

Wes, now 12 points up on 4th, will see his number one goalie, Carey Price, attempt to be the 1st player to hit 100 points this season with the game between Montreal and Nashville.  He will also see his second goalie, Mike Smith, head to Detroit to take on the Red Wings tonight for the Coyotes.  Clayton, who didn't pick up any points last night, could have had a head-to-head match-up between his two goalies, but only Marc-Andre Fleury is slated to start for the Penguins, as they take on the Blues tonight.  Scott moved up to 5th, now 19 points back, will not have Ben Bishop in net for the Lightning when they host the Panthers, as he will be given the night off.  Benson had both of his goalies going last night, so his crease will be empty tonight, as he is also 19 points back, without a tie-breaker in 6th place.  Brian, 24 points back in 7th, should have both of his goalies, Devan Dubnyk for the Wild and Cam Talbot for the Rangers going tonight, he'll try to make it interesting from his end again.

Allan, now 3 points back of Wyllie at the bottom of the pool, didn't get any help last night and doesn't have anything slated for tonight, while Wyllie isn't expected to have either of his back-ups playing either.  Ryan, still 7 points clear of the bottom, will have Andrei Vasilevskiy in net for the Lightning, getting a rare start down the stretch, hopefully one that can distance him a little from the rest of the basement dwellers.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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