Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 14)

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Well, now that the goalie win survivor pool has been won, the goalie situation will feature the current races in the standings, both weekly and overall.

With 12 games on the NHL schedule today, there should be plenty of points to go around, in theory.

The current leader for the Mover & Shaker this week is Mike, despite all of his team's injuries has 26 points, and his side will be undermanned in the crease, as he won't have anyone going for him.  Dale B. is the closest to him in the weekly standings, only 4 points back, and he could possibly have both of his goalies going during the 11am MT games.  Jimmy Howard is expected in the Detroit net for their game against the Flyers, while Tuukka Rask isn't confirmed, but expected in the Bruins net for their game against the Penguins.  This could be a good finish to the race on Sunday.

Wes' hold on 3rd place is still looking somewhat shaky, thanks to some injuries to his side.  He opens up Saturday with an 11-point gap and he should have both of his goalies going this evening.  Carey Price will be in net for the Habs against the Islanders and Mike Smith should be in net for the Coyotes against the Devils.  Clayton, who sits in 4th, potentially has both of his goalies going as well, as it is unconfirmed whether or not Marc-Andre Fleury will play against Boston, but it is confirmed that Brian Elliott will start for the Blues against the Wild.  Speaking of the Wild, it will be curious to see if Devan Dubnyk plays again, which would help Brian, who is now in 5th place, his only goalie possibly to go and help close the 6-point gap to 4th place.

Two spots in the top 10 are being hotly contested these days, as 9th through 12th place is only separated by a single point.  Stacey M. is in 9th to start the day, her team isn't expected to have any help from the crease today.  Dale C. is in 10th place, 1 point back, he should have Corey Crawford going for the Blackhawks against the Sharks this afternoon.  11th place, Troy, has both of his goalies going today, as Cam Ward will get the nod for the Hurricanes against the Panthers and Jonathan Bernier is the starter for the Maple Leafs against the Canucks.  Finally, 12th place, Benson, he'll have one goalie going tonight, as Semyon Varlamov is getting the nod against the Flames for the Avalanche.

It looks like only four non-pool goalies are going tonight, so there should be lots of minutes out there for the pool.  Should be a good day for all the playoff runs as well.

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