Monday, March 20, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Mar 20)

Well, now that the goalie survivor pool is over and done with, we'll spend the last three weeks, when I feel like doing this post, concentrating on the money race. It is a good race, so it might keep my interest. Let's countdown the standings, see what we have... shall we?

Tuukka Rask (Troy) versus Frederik Andersen (Brian)
The first game on the docket has the Bruins in Toronto to take on the Leafs and Brian has a chance to pad his lead with a win by Andersen, but he gets to face the reigning Player of the Week in Brad Marchand.  Rask is one of the few players that Troy can actually count on for actual points and since Boston is on top of the Leafs in the standings, this isn't exactly a slam dunk for our pool leader.

Dale B. doesn't have a possible start on Monday, while Ryan's possible start is taken up by a dropped goalie in Buffalo.  Brenda & Seward are shut out of start possibilities tonight, as is Eric's team.

Mike Smith (Marcie) versus Pekka Rinne (Stacey M.)
The next mission for the goalie survivor champ is to play spoiler, starting right away, the night after taking the title, as her number one will go up against Marcie's number two goalie, in the first of two starts tonight for the 6th place team in the pool.  A win for Smith in Nashville, which isn't impossible, would go a long ways to shrink that gap to 3rd place.

Jonathan Quick (Kristy & Don) versus Cam Talbot (Marcie)
Marcie's second start comes from her number one goalie, getting the back half of a demoralized Kings team, one that suffered badly in Calgary on Sunday night.  This one seems like more of a home run swing for her team and making the money race far more interesting than what it was this morning, when I wrote the Newsletter.  This is definitely something to watch.

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