Friday, March 03, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Mar 3)

Today's post will concentrate more on the money race, as that is the most important today, with the survivor pool already settled for another week.

Marcie currently holds the 3rd place position at 501 points to start Friday's action off, but she doesn't have a goalie projected to start tonight, so there is opportunity elsewhere for some gains.  14 points difference will bring us all the way down to 8th place, but we've only got two teams in that range that have a shot tonight and those starts are listed below.

Louis Domingue (N/A) versus Cam Ward (Brian)
Brian didn't get any help from his goalie last night and he lost his lead again and he'll open up Friday night's action 3 points back of Dale B. and he'll have a start from the Carolina Hurricanes, as they send Cam Ward out to face Louis Domingue and the traveling Coyotes. The dogs are on the second half of back-to-back games, which bodes well for the Canes and for Brian.

Petr Mrazek (Stacey C.) versus Brian Elliott (Derek B.)
Stacey's 5th place team has been somewhat neglected, it seems, and more attention may need to be paid to it. His goalie, Mrazek, will get the call against the Flames in Calgary, but the expectation is lessened, since the Wings were sellers at the deadline this week.  It's not the ideal situation for a pool team to have his goalie on a non-playoff team down the stretch, but he does seem to be getting the minutes these days, so there's always a chance of 2 points.

Curtis McElhinney (N/A) versus Jonathan Bernier (Eric)
This could have been a match-up of 1st and 2nd place goalies in the pool, but the Maple Leafs sent their number one out last night, while the Ducks' number one might need an extra day or two of rest, before heading back out, so we get the match-up of back-ups, which sits well with Eric, obviously.  Eric is hunting for the money, late in the season and a win against the road-weary Leafs would be a big boost.

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