Thursday, March 30, 2017

Morning Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 30)

Minnesota Wild forward Zach Parise may get an extended rest of sorts, as he suffered an injury around one of his eyes on Tuesday night, after taking a high stick to the face against the Capitals.  There was some significant swelling around one of his eyes, but it doesn't appear there was any actual damage to his eye, which is definitely a positive.  Some reports are suggesting that Parise could miss upwards of three games, but that will likely be taken on a day by day basis.  What we know for sure is that he will be out for tonight's game, at home to the Senators.

Stuart's team is looking for a top 10 finish and losing Parise for three games could hurt his chances of catching Marcin, who is only 3 points up in 10th place.  Parise is set to be on the Playoff Pool sheet as well, but if he gets a few days off, he might be able to heal up a few other bumps and bruises, which couldn't be bad.

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