Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Race to the Sin Bin (Mar 21)

It's been a while since I've done a PIM pool post, but since it is the last active mini-game left in the hockey pool, which will go right down to the bitter end, it might be a good time to have a quick peek.

Marcie's lead is now 79 minutes and Troy's team made the leap into 2nd place, finally!  Both Marcie and Troy's team each had good nights in the pool, finishing with 11 and 9 minutes, respectively, increasing the lead overall, but we still have a ways to go yet.

Let's not forget about Kristy & Don or Eric's team, which is still in the race, but they now trail Troy's team by a handful of minutes, while Derek B.'s team would really like to be in this race, but doesn't likely have enough to do it.

The headline game for the PIM pool tonight will go at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, where we have a trio of top goons facing off, in theory.  Assuming he isn't scratched, Troy should have Chris Thorburn going tonight, while Eric will have Dustin Byfuglien going for the host team tonight as well.  Kristy & Don will counter with Wayne Simmonds with the Flyers.  The Flyers are going to be desperate for points for a playoff spot, while the Jets have faint hopes of reaching the playoffs and could be a little bit ornery to get there.

The Atlantic Division will host a pretty big game in the PIM pool, as the Senators and Bruins will go head-to-head in the TD Garden tonight.  Two of the top 10 goons playing tonight belong to the Senators and they will both figure into the pool, as Senators defensemen Mark Borowiecki and Dion Phaneuf could very well be busy tonight, as the Bruins won't roll over.  Troy and Eric will be happy campers, if these two get into more than their fair share of tussles.  Kristy & Don have some potential for minutes in this game as well, with the acquisition of Alex Burrows to the Ottawa lineup.

The game between the Flames and Capitals could have been a gold mine for Derek B. tonight, but he'll only have one of his two key PIM producers playing in this one, as Tom Wilson will go for the Caps and Matthew Tkachuk will be up in the press box, serving the first game of his suspension.  Marcie will get one of her key producers going tonight with Calgary's Sam Bennett, he has been good for 71 PIM already this year.

The San Jose Sharks and Minnesota Wild are poised to play in St. Paul tonight and Kristy & Don may or may not have Ryan White in the Wild lineup, we're not entirely sure, but if he does, he'll be one of two key PIM players in this one, as Troy will have defenseman Matt Dumba in the lineup, who has been good for 57 minutes this season.

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