Monday, July 09, 2018

Top Prospect Signings (Jul 9)

The biggest fish in the entry draft pond has now been officially netted by the Buffalo Sabres, as Rasmus Dahlin, the 1st overall pick in this summer's draft, has signed his 3-year entry-level deal on Monday and his journey to the NHL takes one more necessary step forward.

I don't think this kid needs any more of an introduction than he has already received leading up to the draft in June, so I'll forego any of that right now.  Now that the job is done, the Sabres are certainly looking forward to training camp now, just to see how he fits in with the big club in camp.  There has already been a prospect camp this summer, hence the picture above, where Dahlin was seen throwing his weight around, but the big excitement will be how he fits in with the likes of Jack Eichel, Casey Mittlestadt, Alex Nylander and Rasmus Ristolainen, who should undoubtedly form the core group of players on this team going forward.

If anything, the Sabres will be very intriguing to watch with these pieces all put together at the same time.

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