Thursday, April 02, 2015

More Player Notes in the Draft (Apr 2)

Updates for Thursday night's game between the Kings and Oilers in Los Angeles, as defenseman Andrej Sekera is now expected to sit out with a lower-body injury.  The 28-year old Slovak defender is on the list as out day-to-day, but there is no definite timeline available at the moment.  With the Kings still in a real dogfight for the playoffs, there won't be any rest for these guys, if it isn't necessary, but obviously in Sekera's case, it is necessary.

For Wyllie, his team currently sits in the Olli position, now 6 points back of Ryan and 7 points back of Allan and without another player.  This may open the door for Brian, who is sitting on Brayden McNabb, who has been a healthy scratch of late.  Brian is now in 11th, 4 points back of 10th.

It's been about a week, since the last time I took down some starting goalies in the pertinent races in the pool, so how about we have a look at what's going on in a busy Thursday night?

Okay, the two main races, still, are the race for 3rd place and the Olli bobblehead race... just as a refresher.  We might touch on the third segment, as well... for shits and giggles.

Wes still holds down 3rd place and has an 11-point lead on Scott, 14 points on Benson and 16 points on Clayton, heading into Thursday's action.  He also has the pool's leading point getter, Carey Price, going for the Habs against the pool's second highest point getter, Braden Holtby for the Caps.  Holtby belongs to Stacey C., who doesn't really have a spot in a race at the moment.  Scott will have both Ben Bishop of the Lightning and Petr Mrazek of the Red Wings going tonight, as each team faces the Sens and Bruins, respectively.  Benson doesn't have either of his goalie teams going tonight and Clayton has one team going, but they have opted for the back-up instead.

For the Olli, Wyllie still has the lead, as mentioned above, and may continue to have that lead, as neither of his goalies are expected to play.  Ryan had one of his goalies going last night, so nothing going tonight.  Finally, Allan will continue the trend, as neither Philadelphia or San Jose plays tonight.

Benson won't have any help with his third segment lead, but he won't need to much help to defend the 11-point lead on Mike.  Mike will have some help tonight, as Jake Allen goes for the Blues against the Flames, which should help his cause.  Scott is also in this race, 15 points back and as we know, he has both of his goalies going.  Brian is 16 points back and has his bread & butter, Devan Dubnyk, going for the Wild against the Rangers.

All it takes in one of these races is a huge night... maybe not from their goalies, but the netminders are certainly poised to help out.

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