Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Playoffs Start Tomorrow, Deadline for Entry is Puck Drop!

The playoff entries are not exactly coming in too fast or too furiously, only 10 paid entries in and a few unpaid entries and a few entries that need to be revised to meet the rules.  Nevertheless, we move on.  If you're waiting for the last minute, thanks for that.  Entering these teams is fun.

Already, there are some favourites being established on the page and some are not any surprise.  The early leader on selections is Patrick Kane in Box 7, as the news that he is ready to go for opening night has spurred on some real interest in the scoring forward.  His placement in the last forward box was based on his projected availability for the upcoming series.  Out of the paid entries, six of 10 teams entered already has Kane in Box 7, making him the outright favourite at this point.

Jakob Silfverberg of Anaheim, T.J. Brodie of Calgary and Anton Stralman in Tampa Bay all have five selections out of the nine teams, leading Box 4, Box 9 and Box 21, respectively.

Be sure to head over to opiatedsherpa.com and grab a playoff pool selection sheet.  Fill it out, follow the rules, scan the sheet and e-mail it over to me and we'll get you in.  If you're in Northwest Calgary on Wednesday night, I'll be at Kilkenny's for Game 1 of the Canucks and Flames and if you're there, there will be an extended deadline for entry, as I will have some sheets with me and taking entries there.

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