Monday, April 27, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft (Apr 27)

This Tampa Bay/Detroit series is running a little long, isn't it?  Well, it just seems like it.  The Lightning are behind the 8-ball going into Game 6 and they'll be really hooked, since they'll be playing Game 6 at Joe Louis Arena, home of the Red Wings.  The match-up is expected to be the same as it has been, Ben Bishop in net for the Bolts and Petr Mrazek in for the Wings.

2010 version of the Game Seven match-up button photo gameseven2010.gifThe Islanders and Capitals are heading to Game 7 and it's the only one of the opening round, which the pool may have predicted with how close the selections were in the pool.  As expected, it will be Jaroslav Halak against Braden Holtby and the winner will go on to face the New York Rangers, a suitable prize for the winner, right?

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