Friday, April 03, 2015

Playoff Pool Update and Sheet Download Link

With the Chicago Blackhawks clinching their playoff spot on Thursday night against the Canucks, we now have four out of the eight spots in the Western Conference already spoken for, as they joined Nashville, St. Louis and Anaheim as playoff-bound.

In the Eastern Conference, we already knew that the New York Rangers had clinched their spot and since then, Montreal and Tampa Bay have punched their ticket to the Spring Dance as well.

On this Good Friday, I'm now publishing the links and pages that are necessary for the Playoff Pool to run properly.  If you would like to download this year's Playoff Pool Selection Sheet, click here.  It's a PDF file, from which you can start doing your homework on.  I will be working on the online selection sheet, so you can enter your team through the webpage as well.  I am hoping to have that done later on this weekend.

How about a refresher on the rules?  The most difficult thing to remember (or possibly keep track of) on the selection sheet is that you are only allowed three players (including goalies) from any one team on the sheet.  If you think that the Chicago Blackhawks are going all the way, you will only be allowed to take three of them, so you may want to consider taking Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa and Corey Crawford.  If you submit your team with more than three players from a team, I will come looking for you for a correction.  It's pretty low-tech, but it works.

The entry fee is $10, nice and simple, as it is a sprint to the finish and there are no changes allowed during the course of the playoffs.  This can be paid by PayPal, an Interac online transfer, meet up with cash or if you know someone who got you into this pool, you can leave it with them, as there is a good chance I will see them before the playoffs start.  If your money is not in, your team WILL NOT show up on the standings page.

Scoring is really straight-forward too... players will get a point for each goal and assist and there is a bonus point for those who score goal-winning goals.  Goalies will get 2 points for a win and if they register a shutout, they will get another 2 points.  If goalies are to pick up offensive points, they will count in the standings, so assists will count.  Goals will count too, but how likely is it that they'll score?

Be sure to stay abreast with what's going on in the pool by clicking on the blog.  I will be providing scoring updates and storylines throughout the playoffs.  Injury news and statistics a-plenty!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail... and then I'll wish you good luck on what appears to be a great playoffs upcoming!

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