Saturday, April 04, 2015

Player Notes in the Draft & Playoffs (Apr 4)

It looked like I was well off, when the Habs started to scratch Sergei Gonchar on a regular basis, as I had assumed that it was going to be somewhat rotational or on back-to-back nights. Gonchar sat for quite some time, but he figured back into the lineup on Friday night, when Andrei Markov was given the night off for rest.  Gonchar was good in his return, picking up an assist, while Markov probably scored some press box popcorn on his night off.

Wes, who sits in 3rd place, was likely relieved when Gonchar got added to the Habs lineup, as he has been without that body for a week or two now.  Getting that point was extra helpful in his team keeping space between his and the teams that are trying to chase him down.  One of those teams that is still rather optimistic of a money finish, Stacey M., was the team that lost a game with the benching of Markov for the night.  Stacey's team is 22 points back of 3rd, down in 7th spot, but has a gap to make up, just to be in 6th.

Last week, it was the Anaheim Ducks resting their defensemen on a rotation, but on Friday night, they decided that they would throw a key forward in the mix, as Ryan Getzlaf was indeed rested as a healthy scratch against the Avalanche. Sure, the Ducks dropped the decision, 4-2, but with the Pacific Division already in hand, they were not going to push their superstar into a harsh situation against a desperate team.

Cam is currently locked in the battle for a top 10 position, sitting in 10th place after Friday night, but his potential movement seems to be rather limited, barring a big or a small Saturday night.  His team is 5 points back of 9th and 4 points up on 11th.

The night after being the recipient of a hit from behind against Calgary, defenseman Barret Jackman was held out of the Blues game against the Stars on Friday night, but the team is calling it a healthy scratch, more than it is an injury.  The team is making it sound like that he'll be ready to go when the playoffs are set to go.

Jackman belongs to Box 10 on the Playoff Pool sheet this season and he isn't exactly the best option in the box neither.  Out of the 14 players set out for that box, which includes non-playoff teams, he ranks 12th in points with only 15 in 76 games with the Blues.  He can figure into action though, as you may need someone to fill a spot in that box, if you've filled up on your favourites in the better boxes.

The Dallas Stars are not out of playoff contention officially... yet. With that being said, Box 6 forward Shawn Horcoff was out of the Stars lineup for a second straight game, due to an illness. It seems unlikely that his team will qualify for the playoffs, but if there is some magic left in their season, you just never know.  Horcoff isn't exactly the most intriguing options either, as he ranks 11th in that box's scoring with 28 points in 73 games this season.

An updated list of injuries can be found here.

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