Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2018 Pool Projections

I'm entirely sure what compels me to publish my own numbers, but I do.  I guess, with the amount of work that I put into the hockey pool, there is a certain level of sharing that needs to be done.  A lot of people come to the hockey pool draft with the magazines and they like to fly by the seat of their pants, but when you want to run a draft with 25 people and do it under four hours, then you have to do your best and be prepared to the point of only taking a few seconds to get it all done.

Nevertheless, I have prepared all 31 teams, given it a lot of thought, done a little bit of math and by no means are these numbers in concrete.  We still have another few weeks until training camp opens, we still have a number of free agents left to add to team pages and once training camp opens, there could be some young players that see their stock rise.

When you comb through all 31 teams, each logo below is a link to their own page, you will notice that I have some designations of being a 1st round pick in the draft to just being pool worthy.  This year, I am basing my findings on a 25-team draft, just like we had last season, so the top 25 players (and ties) are considered to be 1st round picks, which takes us to the 75-point range.  The top 200 forwards are considered pool worthy and that is 35-points and ties, the defense is the top 100, so 20 points and ties, while the goalies range in the top 50, which is 20 points and ties.

This is all based on my scoring system: 1 point for a goal/assist, 2 points for a win/shutout.  I also like to base my numbers on 5-point ranges, because arbitrarily giving odd numbers just seems crazy, you can certainly be happy with ranges, kind of picking and choosing where you think you're going to see players.

Okay, so after all of that, enjoy the projections!  Maybe there are some tidbits in there that might help you win your pool.

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