Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Doan Officially Retires

I was trying to save a lot of the retirement posts for players that helped hockey pool teams win money, but over the past seasons on, Shane Doan had not figured on a money winning team.  Nevertheless, even though Doan couldn't figure into one of the 248 forward slots that would have been taken up at the end of the regular season for a money team, he still had himself quite the career.

Between the original iteration of the Winnipeg Jets and thusly, the Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes, Doan played in 1,540 games for the franchise and has all the franchise records in scoring, picking up 402 goals and 570 assists for 972 points.

The last of the original Winnipeg Jets played in 21 seasons in the NHL, winning a couple of individual awards over his career, playing in a couple of All-Star Games as well.  Doan has been known to be the consummate professional throughout his career and your prototypical leader, it's a real shame that he is one of those players never to win the Stanley Cup.

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