Friday, September 15, 2017

Afternoon Training Camp Injury Notes (Sep 15)

It has been reported byt the Wild coaching staff as a minor tweak of the back, but Minnesota forward Zach Parise is already laid up a bit in training camp and today was the first full day of camp. It sounds like the injury occurred in the testing process, but he's only considered to be day-to-day, staying off the ice on Friday and they'll likely be playing this by ear as the days go on.

Parise's 2017 season was cut short by injury as well, keeping him to only 69 games and his current scoring trend is going the wrong way for the 33-year old.  The current projections are nowhere near his career highs and with Minnesota finding some talent in a lot of their youth, he'll be finding it harder and harder to get that ice-time, especially if a back problem persists.

The Anaheim Ducks updated their three key injured players on Friday, as the team hit the ice for training camp sessions.

Ryan Kesler's recovery from off-season hip surgery appears to need a little bit more time than originally anticipated, suggesting that Kesler might not be back until December now, which is well past the 12 weeks for recovery in June.  It appears that he is not going to be a viable pick-up at the draft at the end of the month, more of a mid-season replacement.

Both Hampus Lindholm and Sami Vatanen had off-season shoulder surgeries and it was thought that Vatanen might be a little bit longer to recover, but the team is targeting a November 1st return for both players, give or take some time either way.  The Ducks play 11 games in October and that is a significant chunk of time to take away from your pool team, if you want to gamble on these guys, but if they are your fourth defenseman in the draft, it might not be too bad.

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