Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Knee Injury Ends Fabbri's 2018 Campaign

It appears that reinjuring his knee was far more substantial than not, as Robby Fabbri of the St. Louis Blues now has to look forward to an entire season on the sidelines, as his surgically repaired knee sustained far too much damage earlier this week against the Dallas Stars and it will cost him the entire 2018 campaign.

The offensive talent that Fabbri has shown in the last couple of years is quite remarkable and it was only a matter of time before he could find himself 100% healthy for a season and show us all what he can do with that many games.  Unfortunately for him and for us, it won't be this season.

The Hockey News had him pegged for a 50-point year, I had him a shade underneath that and I have seen the Sports Forecasters pool guide and they were saying 47 points, so we were all in close agreement, that Fabbri was going to be a very worthy player this season.

Looking forward though, the Blues still have a ton of young talent in camp after some significant cuts today, including their last two 1st round draft picks, Tage Thompson from 2016 and Klim Kostin from this year's draft.  Neither will have the early experience that Fabbri has, but they both have shown enough flash to stick around with a week to go before the season starts.

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