Thursday, July 05, 2018

Habs' Weber Can't Buy Luck

The Montreal Canadiens and superstar defenseman Shea Weber just can't catch a break with the player's health. After missing most of the 2018 regular season with a major foot injury, the team doctor's also came to the conclusion that he would need arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, a procedure already done this week.

The early prognosis for a return isn't great, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5-to-6 months, which would put him much closer to the New Year for a return.  This is a pretty significant blow to a team that really suffered in their own end last season and not to mention the offensive capabilities that he has to offer as well.

The 32-year old only played in 26 games last season, before going down with his foot problem, scoring 6 goals and 16 points, coming off a season where he posted 42 points in 78 games. Certainly, his projections for the 2019 season will be cut significantly and he likely won't feature in the hockey pool until the second Waiver Draft of the season, if he can get back to 100% health by then.

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