Saturday, July 14, 2018

Recent Contract Extensions (Jul 14)

The Vegas Golden Knights rewarded one of their top players for his contributions to the team's huge inaugural season, as Marc-Andre Fleury, still with one year left on his current contract, was given a 3-year, $21 million contract extension, which will see him play until he's 37 years old, through the 2022 season.

Fleury will surely be a 1st round pick in this year's hockey pool draft, after he finished with 29 wins and 67 points in only 46 appearances for the Golden Knights, dealing with some injuries in the first half of the season, which limited his appearances.  The real impressive play came in the playoffs, where Fleury was an absolute dynamo in the crease, finishing with 13 wins and 35 points in 20 appearances, taking the Knights to the Stanley Cup Finals.

It's a pretty long-term deal for the 33-year old, but it isn't to say that he hasn't played well enough in his career to have earned such a deal. 

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