Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wild and Zucker Come to Terms

The Minnesota Wild took care of their last pool worthy free agent on Wednesday, signing restricted free agent forward Jason Zucker to a 5-year, $27.5 million deal.

The 26-year old broke out in the 2018 season, scoring 33 goals and 64 points in all 82 games for the Wild, finishing 65th overall in hockey pool scoring, 48th among all forwards.  Needless to say, his stock went up immensely in the season and the team rewarded him for his efforts with this new long-term deal.

With a new contract in hand, it will now be more a question of whether or not he can keep up that scoring pace.  The Wild haven't made many drastic changes to their lineup for the coming season, so it could be fair to assume that he could keep up the 33-goal pace, but teams will be keeping a much closer eye on him, most certainly.  For that, I am going to temper my expectations on him, suggesting more like a 55-point season is more likely, but he certainly has the upside to be a bargain pick, if he slides down the draft, due to a lack of real notoriety.

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