Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gionta Breaks Foot

The Habs got some bad news about Brian Gionta's lower-body injury. It turns out the injury is a broken foot and it will keep the forward out indefinitely. I suppose depending on how many bones are broken and where they are broken, he could be out anywhere between 3-t0-6 weeks, which could be grounds for a drop in the Waiver Draft or a change on the Sheet, if you have him.

Gionta currently ranks 107th in pool rankings at the moment, scoring eight goals and five assists in 19 games for the Canadiens. His offense before the injury was likely not up to expectations for the Habs or any pool owner of his, especially since the Canadiens are struggling with consistency on a game-by-game basis.

ImplicationsStuart picked up Gionta 112th overall, in the 7th round, so compared to his pool ranking, he is just about where he should be. Gionta was a 60-point player last season, so he was about on track for that again in 2010. Missing out on upwards of six weeks may make him drop worthy.

On the Sheet, Gionta is an occupant of Box 18, but that box was popular for another diminutive forward... Sidney Crosby. Gionta wasn't taken at all.

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