Friday, November 27, 2009

Lucic Out Again

Well, it's officially a tough year for Milan Lucic, who has already missed 14 games with a broken finger, will now miss a another good chunk of the season with a high ankle sprain, which he suffered the other night against the Minnesota Wild. The Bruins expect to be without Lucic for upwards of four weeks, but the high ankle sprain is a tricky injury to figure out, as it can keep some players out for much longer than expected.

Lucic has figured into 10 games for the Bruins this year, scoring two goals and three assists, which only adds up to half a point per game, but he has an offensive upside to his regular rough & tumble style, which a lot of poolies know about and are now waiting to capitalize on. If your pool involves penalty minutes, he becomes a fantasy superstar, since he can score and fight in the same game and can be fairly impressive at both.

ImplicationsIn the Draft, Dale B. had the opportunity to trade up with Lucic, which he did. He had dropped him for Jarret Stoll in the second round of the Week Eight draft, which hasn't worked out too well for him yet, but there is plenty of time to fix that. In the same round, Stuart decided with Lucic's return, he would take a gamble on him, knowing his scoring capacity, but now that is seemingly going to backfire on him.

On the Sheet, Lucic's first long-term injury cost him a lot of selections, but he still holds on to 10 picks, which probably should be dropped here right away.

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