Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hemsky Done

The Oilers have learned that they top forward, Ales Hemsky, will now have to undergo surgery to repair a shoulder injury. The surgery is considered major and it will keep the forward out of the line-up for upwards of six months. Hemsky was injured earlier in the week in the game against the Kings on a hard check into the boards by Michal Handzus.

Hemsky was enjoying a good start to his season, scoring seven goals and 15 assists in the first 21 games of the season, which was better than a point per game. Hemsky has already missed three games this season, one with the flu and two with a different shoulder injury, but he just couldn't catch a break with this latest injury and this will be how his season will finish off. His offense will be dearly missed in the Oilers line-up.

ImplicationsAmazingly, Hemsky was a 6th round pick in this year's Draft. Stacey had himself a pretty good bargain up until now with the injury, because you really are not supposed to get a point-per-game player that late in the Draft. Unfortunately, Hemsky will stop at 22 points and the first Waiver Draft has already passed, so he'll have to wait until Week Sixteen before he can change up his injured forward. Stacey currently sits in 10th spot in the standings.

On the Sheet, it was no surprise that Hemsky was a part of Box 1 on the Sheet, but it was a very competitive box, so his only selection should not come as a surprise. I should be expecting a trade up for Hemsky before Monday's games start.

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