Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leclaire Gets Hurt on the Bench

Who says that you shouldn't keep your head up on the bench? Despite having a lower-body injury and being dressed as the back-up to Brian Elliot on Monday night, Pascal Leclaire found himself being subject to another injury, as a puck flew over the boards and struck him in the face. The puck ended up breaking his cheekbone/jaw, which now requires surgery and will keep Leclaire out of the Sens line-up indefinitely.

In 16 appearances for the Senators, Leclaire has an 8-5-1 record with a 2.71 GAA and .901 Sv%. Those aren't bad numbers, which have helped the Sens do well. In the pools, Leclaire ranks 19th among goalies with 16 points.

This now opens the door for back-up Elliot, to take the reins and get some points for the time being. He might be an interesting player to pick-up, if you feel that the Sens are a sure thing.

ImplicationsIn the Draft, Leclaire is a part of Peter's Draft team, in a goaltending pairing that ranks fifth among all teams in the pool. If Leclaire turns out to be out for a long period of time, Peter will likely fall down those rankings quite quickly and his hard work of gaining positions in the standings were all for naught.

On the Sheet, Leclaire was not taken... but lo and behold... Elliot was taken once. That should be a huge benefit to that one team. How fortunate.

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