Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Connolly Out Again

Unlike Wolski, who was posted about earlier, Tim Connolly is properly injury prone and should be avoided in most hockey pools, if at all possible, despite his talent and ability to post points when he's healthy. Well, here's the reason why, coming to light once again, as the 30-year old pivot has suffered yet another injury, another upper-body injury, not related to the upper-body injury he suffered earlier this season, which will sideline him for 10-to-14 days, according to the Leafs coaching staff.

It was reported on the Leafs website that Connolly was hurt on the first penalty kill on Saturday night and managed to finish the game, just feeling okay, but the medical staff then informed the coaches that he wouldn't be able to jump back into the line-up for a couple weeks.

In six games this, Connolly has scored 1 goal and 3 assists for the club, which is not a bad scoring rate for a guy who wasn't likely able to find his timing or his regular skating legs, after missing training camp and a good portion of the regular season.  Even after coming back to the line-up, he'll likely need another 10 games to get himself to a normalized scoring pace again.

ImplicationsThere were plenty of gambles on Wes M.'s draft team, including Connolly, but many have them have been able to pay off for Wes, since a lot of these gambles have not been able to dress for their NHL club or have been injured since the beginning of the season.  Wes hasn't been too bad with all of these injuries that he has suffered, but losing Connolly again won't help him.  Wes currently sits in 14th spot in the standings, with 97 points, but he is 24 points out of 3rd place, which would be one of the key money spots in the draft this year.

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