Friday, November 11, 2011

Draft Player Scratches (Nov. 11)

An undisclosed injury kept forward Rich Peverley out of the Bruins line-up, which also forced the team's hand to put forward Zach Hamill on emergency recall to take Peverley's place for their game against the Oilers on Thursday night. Peverley was noted to be out on the ice for the team's practice on Thursday morning, so the injury may not be too serious and he could be back in the line-up for the team's next game, Saturday in Buffalo.

In 12 games this season, Peverley has 3 goals and 4 assists and has been a productive member of the Bruins, as they make their way out of the Stanley Cup hangover.  Peverley is currently ranked 221st in pool scoring this season, which is pretty good shape for the depth winger, but missing out on a 6-goal game for his team may have hurt a little bit.

In the draft, Brenda has done fairly well with Peverley, taking him 243rd, which makes him into somewhat of a bargain, but that is one of few for her early on this year, as her forwards remain below average in the pool, with only 60 points collected through Thursday night's action.  Her defense and goaltending have done exceptionally well, which keeps her team in the top 10.

After blocking a shot with his foot on Tuesday night against the Blues, forward Dave Bolland missed out on Thursday night's game against the Blue Jackets with an apparent injury to that foot. The forward has been reported to be seen in a walking cast, but there hasn't been any official word as to whether or not there is actually anything broken, but it might be safe to assume that he will be out of the line-up for a the short-term, at the very least.

The Blackhawks play again on Friday night, as they play host to the Calgary Flames and I don't think we should be expecting Bolland in the line-up.

In 14 games with the Blackhawks, Bolland has 5 goals and 2 assists, which is about the same as Peverley above him in this post.  In the pool ranks, Bolland is up at 205th, thanks to a couple more goals.  At half a point per game, he's producing quite well for a checking forward.

Peverley belongs to Stacey C. in the draft this season, where he was taken right after Peverley in 244th, which is actually quite coincidental that they are listed together in an injury post next to each other.  Stacey has also seen some similar production from his forwards, scoring 65 points from his front-liners, only marginally better than Brenda, but still below-average.

Another undisclosed injury to the Canadiens' Mike Cammalleri kept the scoring winger out of the line-up for their game against the Coyotes on Thursday night. On the bright side, Cammalleri and injured teammate Andrei Kostitsyn are skating at practice on Thursday morning, so Cammalleri's injury may not be too significant, while Kostitsyn did not stay long out on the ice, so he might be a little while from returning yet.

Cammalleri has appeared in 11 games for the Canadiens, scoring 3 goals and 4 assists this season, which keeps the theme of forwards who have scored 7 points in this post.  With a lack of games played, his pool rank falls just below Peverley at 223rd, but to a certain degree, with Cammalleri considered to be more of an offensive force, it is a disappointing rank for him.

He was also taken by Stacey C. in the draft, granted much higher at 109th, so there is a certain disappointment early on this season.  If the injury is as insignificant as we assume early on here, Cammalleri might get the chance to sort out his numbers before too long, which would certainly help Stacey, who sits in 12th spot, 2 points out of the top 10.

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